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  • We have limited spots remaining in our 2023-2024 recreational classes. Email the studio at info@bfunk.com for availability.


    Celebrate your birthday with a dance class of your choice for you and your friends! We offer parties for all personalities, from hip hoppers to princesses! Call or email the studio for pricing and availability.


    B. Funk was voted "Best Dance Lessons" in Howard County for the 7TH YEAR in a row! Thank you to all who voted for us.



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    2023-2024 CLASS SCHEDULE

    Monthly prices start at $85 (4 classes per month)

    $25 drop-in fee per 45 min-1 hr class/$20 for 30 min class
    Online registration is closed for ages 3-17 classes.
    Limited availability remains; email info@bfunk.com for assistance.


    AGES 3-4


    Lil’ Movers (hip hop): Tuesday 4:30-5 OR Thursday 4:30-5 ($55/month)
    Creative Movement (ballet/tap): Wednesday 4:30-5:15


    AGES 5-7


    Hip Hop: Monday 5:15-6
    Ballet: Monday 6-6:45
    Jazz/Tap: Monday 6:15-7
    Hip Hop: Tuesday 4:30-5:15
    Hip Hop: Tuesday 5:15-6

    Ballet: Wednesday 6:15-7

    Hip Hop: Wednesday 7-7:45

    Gymnastics: Wednesday 5-5:45
    Hip Hop: Thursday 6:15-7


    AGES 8-10


    Hip Hop: Monday 6-7
    Jazz/Tap: Tuesday 5-6
    Ballet: Tuesday 6-7

    Gymnastics (8 yrs & up): Wednesday 8-9

    Breakdance (8 yrs & up): Wednesday 8-9


    AGES 11-18


    Beginner/Intermediate Ballet: Monday 7-8

    Beginner Jazz/Contemporary: Monday 8-9

    Intermediate Hip Hop: Monday 8-9

    Gymnastics (8 yrs & up): Wednesday 8-9

    Breakdance (8 yrs & up): Wednesday 8-9
    Intermediate/Advanced Jazz/Contemporary: Thursday 8-9


    Beginner Hip Hop: Wednesday 8-9


    Most Thursdays, 8-9:15pm. Choreographers announced through Instagram. $25 per class.




    Creative Movement - Ages 3-4 - Ballet and tap. Dancers learn body awareness, right/left sides, balance, musicality, and the basics of ballet and tap. Dancers must be potty trained and have reached their 3rd birthday by the 1st day of class.


    Beginner/Intermediate Ballet – Ages 5-18 - Ballet for beginner dancers who have 0-2 years recent experience in ballet.


    Beginner Jazz/Contemporary – Ages 11-18 - Jazz/Contemporary for beginner dancers who have 0-2 years recent experience in jazz.


    Intermediate/Advanced Jazz/Contemporary – Ages 11-18 - For dancers who have at least 3-5 years (recent) experience in jazz.


    Jazz/Tap – Ages 5-10 - Open level Jazz/Tap combo. Jazz and tap are taught each week. Dancers must reach their 5th birthday by the first day of class for the 5-7 year old class and reach their 8th birthday for the 8-10 year old class.


    Lil Movers - Ages 3-4 - This is a great class for dancers who want to move at a different pace than our traditional creative movement class. Dancers learn body awareness, right/left sides, balance, musicality, and the basics of hip hop. Dancers must be potty trained and have reached their 3rd birthday by the 1st day of class.


    Hip Hop – Beginner - Ages 5 & up - Open level hip hop for dancers with 0-3 years recent experience in a classroom setting. Dancers should start in this class if they have never taken a structured hip hop class. Dancers must reach their 5th birthday by the first day of class for the 5-7 year old class; 8th birthday for the 8-10 year old class; and 11th birthday for the 11 & up class.


    Hip Hop – Intermediate – Ages 11 & up - Dancers must have at least 2-3 years recent hip hop experience in a classroom setting.


    Hip Hop – Advanced – Ages 13 & up - Dancers must have at least 3-5 years recent hip hop experience in a classroom setting.


    Breakdance – Ages 8-18 - Intro to breakdancing. Dancers must reach their 8th birthday by the first day of class.


    Tumbling/Gymnastics - Ages 3-18 - Beginning to intermediate tumbling skills with a focus on body control and form. Basics skills include forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, and front and back walkovers. More advanced skills will be introduced when the student is ready, including front and back handsprings, aerials, standing back tucks and tumbling passes such as round off-back handsprings, back handspring series and round off-back tucks. Also included in the curriculum are dance related skills including tinsecas, valdezes, head springs, kip ups, suicides, arm balances, and the worm.



    What We Offer

    • Recreational dance classes for ages 3-18 (hip hop, ballet, tap/jazz, jazz/contemporary, breakdancing, and gymnastics)
    • Recreational dance classes for 18 & up (beginner and advanced hip hop)
    • Birthday parties – dance or tumbling instruction and studio rooms provided for birthday parties of all ages
    • Studio rental – studio rooms rented by the hour, typically $30 per hour per room
    • Private lessons for individuals or groups
    • *Company – Our dance competitive team that focuses on ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary.  Auditions typically are held in June through a 1-2 hour audition.
    • *Crew – Our hip hop competitive team. Auditions typically are held in June through a 1-2 hour audition.

    *Details regarding Company and Crew are available from the front desk.

    Our Policies



    1. Dancers are expected to arrive on time, be dressed appropriately for class, and to fully participate in class.
    2. Dancers and family members must treat everyone with respect.
    3. Dancers are not permitted to take or use cell phones in class.
    4. No food, drinks (other than water) or gum are allowed in the studios or dressing rooms.
    5. Dancers are not permitted to enter a studio unless a teacher or staff member is present.
    6. Dancers and families must be respectful of classes in session and wait quietly for classes to begin.
    7. We DO NOT tolerate bullying, mistreating, or disrespecting of others. Dancers will be removed from class when this behavior occurs.
    8. Parents are expected to treat dancers, staff, and instructors with respect.
    9. B. Funk staff and faculty will treat everyone with respect!


    Tuition is paid monthly or year-in-full. Please register directly with a B. Funk staff member if you wish to pay the year-in-full. Discounts apply if registering for 3 or more classes per family.

    Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, credit card, or ACH.

    PLEASE NOTE: We charge 3.5% transaction fee for all credit card payments and a 1.25% transaction fee for ACH payments to cover the studio's cost of payment processing. We accept cash or check payments at the studio with no additional fees.

    Tuition must be paid on or before the first of the month. After the 7th of the month, a $15 late charge is assessed. We encourage everyone to enroll in the automatic payment plan to avoid unnecessary late fees. Tuition reminders are sent out once a month before the 7th. Statements are not emailed unless your account falls behind schedule. We reserve the right to remove your dancer from class if tuition is not paid by the 7th of the month.

    Tuition is not refunded for classes missed due to personal reasons, inclement weather closures, power outages, holiday breaks, rehearsals, and recital. See below for information about make-up classes.

    4 dancers must be enrolled in order to maintain a class. Refunds or credits are issued for any unused tuition if we cancel a class due to low enrollment.




    30 minute class - $55

    1 class (45 minutes - 1 hour per week) - $85 - (5% discount available if year paid in full)

    2 classes (2 hours per week)- $170 - (5% discount available if year paid in full)

    3 classes (3 hours per week) - $235

    4 classes (4 hours per week) - $295

    5 classes (5 hours per week)- $360

    6 classes (6 hours per week) -$430

    7 or more classes (7+ hours per week) - add $25 per month per 1 hour class.

    Drop-In Rates are $25 per class unless otherwise stated. Drop-ins for recreational classes are not available after November 1 (except for tumbling/gymnastics; please email the studio to register).

    Family Rates: Siblings enrolled in the September-June dance season are treated as 1 dancer and receive the hourly rates shown above.



    All Summer sessions must be paid in full at time of registration. Family rates do not apply for our Summer sessions. Tuition is non-refundable.



    Company intensives and hip hop intensives are held each year and announced through social media, in the studio, and by email. Tuition varies and is non-refundable.


    Our registration fee is per student and includes 2 tickets to our recital. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

    Registration fee is waived for active duty military families; call us for more details.

    Registration fee – $55.00

    Registration fees are not charged for Summer, intensives, or master classes.




    If a dancer misses a class due to personal reasons (illness/injury, travel, religious holidays, etc.) ,they may attend another class in the same style of dance within two weeks of the absence, only if a similar class is offered with space available. Make-up classes are only available September-November. When classes are canceled for reasons beyond the studio's or teacher's control (weather, internet/power outages, teacher emergency, etc.), make-up classes are not held and tuition is not reimbursed. Make-up classes are not offered during the Summer.



    All classes (except breakdancing and gymnastics) require a costume for recital. Prices vary based on the costume chosen. Dancers are measured in class in October. Costume fees are due, in full, by November 15 (unless otherwise specified), before a costume order may be placed. Costume fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Costumes are non-returnable. Costumes typically are received in late Winter/early Spring and dancers try on in class with teachers and staff. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring costumes fit their dancer and have 10 days to notify us if there is an issue. If a replacement or exchange is required after 10 days, a $35 processing fee is charged. Alterations are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.



    Studio announcements are emailed to the parent or guardian’s email on file as well as texted. It is imperative that all families have a current email on file to receive these emails. Please note text messages received from us are one-way; responses are not received. If you wish to contact an instructor, please email us at info@bfunk.com. Please do not discuss matters with teachers between or during class time as this delays the start of the next class.



    Private lessons are requested by emailing info@bfunk.com. Scheduling is arranged between you and the teacher based on availability. Rates vary by instructor but normally are $75-$65 for 1 hour, $65-$55 for 45 minutes, and $55-$45 for 30 minutes.

    If a private lesson is canceled less than 1 hour before the scheduled start time or the dancer is a ‘no show’, the full rate is charged. Exception: Inclement weather or illness.



    A class withdrawal form or email must be submitted to withdraw from a class by November 1. Unused tuition is not refunded unless tuition was paid in full for the dance season at the time of registration. In this instance, any partial unused monthly tuition is not refunded. Paid costume fees are not refunded. Verbal requests to withdraw are not permitted. Ask a front desk staff member for a withdrawal form. Requests to withdraw after November 1 are permitted, however, parents/guardians are responsible for tuition for the remainder of the dance year. Some exceptions apply; contact us for details.



    We follow the Howard County Public School system for most inclement weather closures and holiday breaks. We post our closures on our website calendar and our Facebook page. We also update our voice message. When classes are canceled due to inclement weather, make-up classes are not held, and tuition is not reimbursed.


    Dancers may be dropped off at the studio 10 minutes ahead of class and must be picked up no later than 10 minutes following class.



    A $35 fee is added to accounts for each returned check. We reserve the right to require all future payments be made by cash, credit card, or money order after 1 returned check. If payment is not received within 10 days, your dancer is removed from class until full payment is made.



    Our annual recital normally occurs in mid to late June. Dress rehearsals are scheduled 1 to 2 weeks prior to the recital date and are mandatory if your dancer is participating in the recital. Details are communicated by email and through our recital website: www.bfunkrecital.com.



    Dancers are required to bring a water bottle or bottled water. Food may be consumed in the kitchen ONLY. Please do not bring nuts! Eating is NOT permitted in the dancer lounge areas or studios.



    It is understood that when dancers enroll/register for class that they and their parents/guardians agree to comply with our code of conduct and waive and release B. Funk Dance Company, its staff, and independent contractors from any and all liability for any injuries or illnesses incurred while engaged in travel to or from and while at B. Funk Dance Company. Furthermore, it is understood that B. Funk Dance Company uses video monitoring for security, and we reserve the right to use photography and video for promotional purposes, advertising, or any other reasonable purpose. B. Funk Dance Company is not responsible for any personal belongings left in the studio. All lost and found items are donated to charities.



    We do not share customer contact information with third parties.

    What to Wear


    Creative Movement: pink tights, leotard/skirt, pink ballet slippers, black Mary Jane buckle tap shoes

    5-10 yr old Ballet: 5-7: any color leotard/8-10: black leotard; pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a bun

    5-10 yr old Jazz/Tap: leotard, shorts or leggings, tan slip on jazz shoes, black Mary Jane buckle tap shoes

    11 & Up Ballet: pink tights, black leotard, canvas split-sole ballet slippers, hair in a bun

    11 & Up Tap: tank top or leotard, shorts or leggings, black lace-up tap shoes

    11 & Up Jazz/Contemporary: leotard or sports bra, shorts or leggings, canvas turners
    Lil' Movers, all Hip Hop and Break Dance: t-shirt or tank top, shorts, leggings, pants (no jeans), sneakers
    Gymnastics: Close-fitting shorts or leggings and t-shirt (nothing that is baggy)




    We recommend the following sources for dance shoes and attire:

    Discount Dance (online) / Footlights Dance & Theater Boutique (Frederick or Silver Spring) / Dance Supplies (Severna Park - enter code BFDC5 at checkout for 5% savings) / Artistic Dance Fashions (Towson)


    Our goal is to provide a professional quality dance education that brings confidence, discipline, and a strong sense of commitment to our dancers.


    We know you have options when choosing a studio, so why choose B. Funk? We are family owned and operated and carry those family friendly values and ideals in all we do.


    The primary owner and artistic director, Laura Edwards, is accomplished and qualified in several styles of dance including hip hop, tap, contemporary, jazz, and ballet. She also is an award-winning choreographer and actively works in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. A Maryland native, Laura moved to Los Angeles in 2006 after dancing in the successful movie, Step Up, which was filmed in Baltimore. From there, her dance and choreography career thrived. Her other film credentials as a dancer include: Hairspray, Step Up 2, Footloose, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Hannah Montana, Big Momma’s House 3, Ghostbusters, and Sandy Wexler. Laura’s dancing experience includes working with Beyonce, Madonna, and Miley Cyrus as well as touring the world with Britney Spears on the Circus Tour as one of only four female dancers. She assisted with choreography for Jennifer Lopez, So You Think You Can Dance, Sean Kingston, and Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour and Believe Tour. Her television work includes Dancing with the Stars, Glee, America’s Best Dance Crew, Jimmy Fallon, Billboard Music Awards, and a Grammy’s Target commercial. Now residing primarily in Maryland, Laura instructs hip hop, jazz, and contemporary classes at the studio. Laura also guest teaches at many studios and conventions around the world.


    Our instructors are highly trained and work very hard to maintain an appropriate balance of discipline and fun in each of their classes. A brief bio is listed below for our instructors.


    We offer a wide variety of dance styles that allow students to explore their individuality and excel in many dance forms. The numerous levels offered at B. Funk allow us to cater to the recreational to pre-professional dancer. We re-evaluate our programs annually and make any necessary changes to keep our curriculum fresh and current.


    In addition to our amazing B. Funk faculty, we frequently host master classes with some of the top choreographers in the music and entertainment industry.




    Photography by Jeri Tidwell


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    Owner and Artistic Director

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    Owner and Studio Manager

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    Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz/Tap, Contemporary, Company & Crew Coordinator

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    Hip Hop, Jazz/Tap, Ballet
    Company & Crew Program Assistant

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    Front Office Manager

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    Facilities Manager

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    Studio Manager

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    Becky and Andy Funk



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